Make Your Logs Work for You

The days of logging in to servers and manually viewing log files are over. SolarWinds® Papertrail™ aggregates logs from applications, devices, and platforms to a central location.

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Troubleshoot Fast and Enjoy It

SolarWinds® Papertrail™ provides cloud-based log management that seamlessly aggregates logs from applications, servers, network devices, services, platforms, and much more.

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Aggregate and Search Any Log

SolarWinds® Papertrail™ provides lightning-fast search, live tail, flexible system groups, team-wide access, and integration with popular communications platforms like PagerDuty and Slack to help you quickly track down customer problems, debug app requests, or troubleshoot slow database queries.

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Collect Logs: Hosting Services > AWS OpsWorks

AWS OpsWorks


AWS OpsWorks is “a DevOps solution for managing applications of any scale or complexity on the AWS cloud.”

OpsWorks uses chef recipes for most customer-controlled configuration. System and app logs can easily be aggregated and managed by Papertrail with a minimal chef recipe.


Aggregating logs using system-level tools

Since chef cookbooks are the core method for configuring an app on OpsWorks, Papertrail recommends configuring log management with chef recipes.

Papertrail maintains an official Chef recipe using remote_syslog2, and a few customers or community members have open-sourced their standalone chef recipes for Papertrail with related tools like rsyslog or syslog-ng.

Note that using both of these recipes together may result in some log duplication if node['papertrail']['watch_files'] is configured with rsyslog. If using both, simply skip that item (or use it, and omit the remote_syslog2 cookbook).

For an introduction to OpsWorks’ configuration stages and how OpsWorks uses chef-solo, see the User Guide.

Aggregating logs directly from app/framework

App logs from OpsWorks apps can often be aggregated with the same in-app logging libraries you would use in without OpsWorks. Look for your logging library, language, or framework under Configuration.