Make Your Logs Work for You

The days of logging in to servers and manually viewing log files are over. SolarWinds® Papertrail™ aggregates logs from applications, devices, and platforms to a central location.

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Troubleshoot Fast and Enjoy It

SolarWinds® Papertrail™ provides cloud-based log management that seamlessly aggregates logs from applications, servers, network devices, services, platforms, and much more.

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Aggregate and Search Any Log

SolarWinds® Papertrail™ provides lightning-fast search, live tail, flexible system groups, team-wide access, and integration with popular communications platforms like PagerDuty and Slack to help you quickly track down customer problems, debug app requests, or troubleshoot slow database queries.

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Apple iOS and macOS

Papertrail can accept logs from any iOS or macOS application using one of the following methods. For each method, your code determines the name Papertrail uses to identify each log sender. After setup, see choosing sender…

Unix and BSD system logs

Configure remote syslog from Unix/Linux and BSD/macOS to send logs to Papertrail. To log from a Unix system, edit the system's syslog daemon config file. These instructions are a reference. Papertrail will provide more specific…

Log flood detection

Log rate spikes are common and often go unnoticed. They could be an indication that something went terribly wrong or that a high-traffic system was unintentionally configured with verbose logging. Papertrail can notify you if…

C# and .NET (NLog)

Introduction NLog is "a free logging platform for .NET, Silverlight and Windows Phone with rich log routing and management capabilities. It makes it easy to produce and manage high-quality logs for your application regardless of…

Troubleshooting reachability

After configuring a system to log to Papertrail, if logs aren't appearing, or aren't appearing as expected, these checks help verify end-to-end reachability from your system to Papertrail (with few or no system changes). This…

Google Cloud Platform

Typical GCE instances can log to Papertrail the same way any other Linux or Windows host would, but Docker containers on Google Container Engine and apps on Google App Engine require different approaches. Typical GCE…

C# and .NET (log4net)

Introduction log4net is "a tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets. log4net is a port of the excellent Apache log4j™ framework to the Microsoft® .NET runtime." Papertrail supports aggregating…


Introduction Papertrail can create and update a StatHat graph displaying the number of log messages matching a search alert. Setup From StatHat Settings, ensure that "EZ API" is enabled: Follow the steps in Alerts. Papertrail generates a StatHat counter stat type.…

Web Hooks

React to log events: when Papertrail receives new log events that match one of your saved searches, it can notify services like Campfire, Librato, or a HTTP URL that you provide (webhook). Sample app Here's…

Amazon SNS

Introduction Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a push messaging service. Using SNS, messages can be sent to mobile devices, text message recipients, apps, SQS queues, and other destinations. Papertrail generates an SNS message for each matching…