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Blog > Aggregate iPhone/iOS syslog over the Internet

Aggregate iPhone/iOS syslog over the Internet

Posted by By telliott on June 6, 2011

Keeping the theme of today’s Apple WWDC iCloud, MobileMe, and iTunes news, here’s how to send logs from your phone, over the Internet, to Papertrail.

Use iOS syslog to troubleshoot an iOS app you’re writing, learn more about your phone’s operations, or make it easy for app testers to send you their phone’s debug logs.

Looks like this (thanks to Mike Beasley):

Here’s how to setup syslogd on your phone: instructions. Note: this depends on a jailbroken iOS device.

Log in to Papertrail and click Add System. Give your phone’s log destination a name (like “bobs-iphone-4g”) and check the “Has dynamic IP or multiple IPs” box since it roams.

Then follow Papertrail’s instructions for OS X (BSD syslog), which you’ll see on the next page. Your phone will be able to log to Papertrail from anywhere with Internet access.

To collect logs from a tester’s phone, register another system and send them the log destination that Papertrail provides.