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Search Papertrail logs right from your browser

Posted by Troy Davis on

Papertrail now provides an easy way to start searching logs right from your browser, without changing your search engine. Here’s Chrome waiting for a log search query:


How to get it

The next time you visit Papertrail’s Dashboard or any other page, the browser will detect Papertrail’s site search and make it available (without affecting any existing search).

This works because Papertrail exposes a standard search interface (OpenSearch) which Chrome and most other browsers detect. You’ll be prompted to login if you aren’t already logged in.

How to search

Chrome: Type the first few characters of “” or “Papertrail” in the URL bar. When autocompletion starts to suggest Papertrail, hit tab. The URL bar will change to “Search Papertrail” (see above). Your input will be sent to Papertrail as a search query.

Firefox: Browse to Papertrail’s Dashboard and, while on that page, click the icon for your current search provider. A menu will appear with Add “Papertrail.” Select it and Papertrail will be an option for future searches:


Safari: Install OpenSearchForSafari.

Mac users should also check out Papertrail’s OS X widget.


Troy Davis