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New search alerts dashboard

Posted by Larry Marburger on

Search alerts are my favorite feature of Papertrail. Almost every
organization considers at least one subset of logs worthy of human attention, whether as a daily summary or an instant notification. That’s precisely why alerts exist. We’ve released a number of improvements to how alerts are managed. Below are a few of our favorites.

Alerts Dashboard

Search alerts and their details are listed on the
new alerts dashboard and when
editing a saved search. This helps answer questions like “Who’s this emailing?”
or “What’s the metric name in Librato?” Creating a new alert lists all the
available services so it’s clear what you can do with alerts and how.

Multiple Alerts

Add multiple alerts to a saved search using the same alert service. For example, a saved search could ping several webhooks or email individual members of your team. Thresholds and frequencies are configured independently of other alerts.

Get Started

Pick a saved search that you or someone on your team might want to skim once a day and choose to receive it in an email. You’ll soon find yourself with a small “robot army” of alerts, from a daily email of failed CSRF requests to a graph of how frequently a Ruby VM segfaults. Enjoy!

Larry Marburger