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The New Event Viewer

Posted by Papertrail Team on

The event viewer is the heart of SolarWinds® Papertrail, where you tail logs, save searches, and create alerts. For most Papertrail users, this is where they spend the majority of their time in Papertrail. 

We’ve wanted to update and modernize the event viewer for a while. But knowing that any change to the event viewer can have a large impact on how users find and troubleshoot issues, we wanted to make sure we got it right. 

After more than six months of extensive beta tests and with tons of feedback from our beta users (thank you!), we’re finally ready to unveil the new event viewer.  

This event viewer is rebuilt from the ground up, with a focus on usability and performance. You’ll also notice many more options to customize the event viewer screen, including multiple themes, font and line spacing, and the ability to hide the application chrome, to maximize screen real estate. It’s everything you need to find and troubleshoot issues more quickly and easily.

The beta users seem to like it. Here are some of the comments we have seen:

“First of all, the new UI is awesome. The ability to hide the chrome, and expand truncated messages, is EPIC.”

“This is so awesome. So much better and faster than before. Nice work!”

“Love the new UI.”

“This new events dashboard is great. Love the ability to change layout with more settings!”

“Much better, more compact at the same time, better spacing.”

“I love the new events UI! So much easier on the eyes, mmm thank you  <3.”

“New UI looks great, bigger fonts – that’s great.”

Click the toggle at the top of the screen to try it out for yourself, and let us know what you think.

Papertrail Team