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Blog > Smarter sorting in the Dashboard finder

Smarter sorting in the Dashboard finder

Posted by By telliott on November 27, 2013

Papertrail’s Dashboard finder now shows more specific matches first. Type any saved search, system, or group name. The most specific matches will reliably be the first results.

What changed?


Land on the Dashboard, press s (or click in the text box near the top of the page), and type the name of a group, saved search, or system. Matching saved searches, groups, and systems are shown. For searches, the finder also considers the name of a group that a saved search is associated with.

Until today, the results were sorted only by type, with saved searches first. However, saved searches were shown when the name of the related group matched, which led to a lot of matches.

As of today, Papertrail differentiates between matching resources (for example, the name of a saved search) and one-degree related resources (for example, the group that the matching search is related to).


Imagine entering Mega Service in the finder. A group named “Mega Service” should always be shown first, well ahead of its searches (like “Important errors”) and slightly ahead of similarly-named groups (like “Staging Mega Service”). Now it is:


The current behavior is also retained, which means the finder still serves as a convenient account-wide search. For example, “Mega Service” will still match all 3 resources above. They’ll be shown after any more-specific matches, so now it’s also a fast path to an exact view.

We hope this makes the Dashboard finder a faster jumping-off point for more debugging sessions. Enjoy.