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Blog > Search Alert: StatHat graphs

Search Alert: StatHat graphs

Posted by By telliott on March 13, 2013

We’ve just added support to graph the number of log messages matching a search in StatHat. StatHat provides a simple way to graph important metrics and easily measure how it is performing compared to the past. It provides ways to receive alerts based on changes in data or absolute thresholds and automatically lets you know about important changes to the metrics you send.

To create a search alert, select StatHat from the list of search alerts and fill out the details:

StatHat search alert settings

Once you’ve done that, just sit back and wait for matching messages to arrive and a graph to be created for you. Soon you’ll have a graph that looks like this:

StatHat worker graph

Special thanks to ejholmes on GitHub for the initial work on this search alert integration and for StatHat for adding a JSON content type for their API to make it faster and more efficient for us to send the stats.

To learn how we implemented this alert, check out the source code on GitHub or ask me directly in our chat room.