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Papertrail joins SolarWinds and accelerates growth

Posted by Troy Davis on

On behalf of all of us at Papertrail, I’m thrilled to announce that Papertrail
is now part of SolarWinds.
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As I said in the announcement, joining the SolarWinds family gives us more
resources to make Papertrail better and to do so faster. As a first example,
SolarWinds helped Papertrail acquire the domain name, which the team has wanted to obtain for years.

Details: SolarWinds Adds Cloud-based Log Management Capabilities with Acquisition of Papertrail

Why did Papertrail join SolarWinds? How will this benefit customers?

Eric and I started Papertrail to solve a problem we had: create the log
management service that we wanted to use as developers and operations engineers ourselves, then make it as easy and as powerful as we can.

We’ve done that: Papertrail is a thriving, profitable business trusted by tens
of thousands of customers. That’s been fulfilling enough that we’re ready to
“double down” and deliver amazing log management and infrastructure visibility at an even larger scale.

Papertrail chose to work with SolarWinds because we share an appreciation for simple, practical products that shine in everyday use. As you’d expect, you’ll continue to work with the same Papertrail team (and we’ll be growing). SolarWinds sees tremendous potential in Papertrail and this combination enables Papertrail to get better, faster.

Troy Davis