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Announcing a New, Common Login Screen for Papertrail and the SolarWinds DevOps Portfolio

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” What Mr. Franklin said in the 1700s rings true today for DevOps. At SolarWinds, we embrace change, especially when it’s for the betterment of our customers. It’s in our DNA.

We’re excited to announce that this month, you will see an entirely new common login page. We know you use multiple tools to do your job and, used together, they give you the visibility you need to quickly identify and troubleshoot problems. With the new common login pages for Papertrail™, AppOptics™, Loggly® and Pingdom®, you only need to type in your credentials for one of the SolarWinds DevOps products and you can seamlessly switch to all the others.

If you’ve bookmarked or click on Login from, you will be redirected to At that point, you log in as you normally would.

Your Password Might Be Changing. If you’re using the same email to log in to multiple SolarWinds DevOps products, you will be asked to reset your password to ensure you can use a single credential going forward.

Below is a look at the new Papertrail common login page.

Image of the new login page

From this common login page, you can sign in to Papertrail and quickly switch to any of the other three SolarWinds DevOps products. Your credentials stay the same, no change there—and once you’ve logged into your account, everything else will look the same too. We trust that you will like the new look, feel, and capabilities of the new common login.

Papertrail is part of the SolarWinds portfolio of DevOps products that are uniquely able to provide end-to-end visibility across user experience, custom metrics, distributed tracing, and log management. Each of the DevOps products is purpose-built to solve the problems that DevOps professionals deal with every day, allowing you to solve your most complex performance and reliability problems quickly, simply, and affordably.

–The SolarWinds Papertrail Team

Papertrail Team