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Blog > Ordering saved searches alphabetically

Ordering saved searches alphabetically

Posted by By telliott on October 5, 2012

Aside from the new group-wide log context link, we made one much smaller change: saved searches are now alphabetized in Papertrail’s Dashboard.

Back Story

Until today, saved searches were shown in the order that they had been created. This made sense with a relatively small number of searches (and when a relatively small set of people was creating them); at that point, when it was created was meaningful.

As more saved searches are created (and in many Papertrail groups), name starts to matter more than chronology. Also, saved searches can act as an informal institutional knowledge transfer: a database administrator might create a search that a developer finds useful, and vice versa. In that case, the search’s name – like “503 errors” or “User-facing slow queries” – is all that matters, and that’s how coworkers will discover and use it.

Enjoy, and send any comments our way or to support@.