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New support for HTTP connections

Posted by Papertrail Team on

Looking for a new way to send logs to SolarWinds®  Papertrail? 
Now you can use HTTP. 

As all Papertrail fans know, sending logs to Papertrail using syslog is quick and easy. Generating and transmitting syslog packets usually involves just 2 – 4 lines of code, and you can see your logs flowing into Papertrail in minutes.  

There are times, however, when you just can’t use syslog or install a remote_syslog2 daemon. This is where the new support for sending logs via HTTP comes in. And the best news is, it’s just as quick and easy to set up. 

Give it a try 

To learn more about how to configure and use HTTP endpoints, read the Log Destinations article in the knowledge base.

To get started, head over to Log Destinations in the Settings Menu, scroll down to Accept connections via…, and select Token

Give it a try and let us know what you think. 

Papertrail Team