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Blog > Choose which email(s) you and others receive

Choose which email(s) you and others receive

Posted by By telliott on December 13, 2013

As of today, Papertrail offers new ways to control which emails should go to which team members, such as to only send account usage updates to an operations team lead and credit card receipts to an accounting role account.

Team-wide controls are within Account. Your own preferences are duplicated on your Profile.

Team-wide email options

Here’s how it works.


Papertrail sends two types of emails:

  • Usage. Examples: 90% of log data transfer; pay-as-you-go additional usage updates.
  • Billing. Examples: payment receipt; charge failure.

The specific emails and recipient controls depend on how you consume Papertrail’s service. For example, if Papertrail is not charging your credit card, billing email controls aren’t relevant and thus aren’t available.

Previously, usage notifications were sent to all users with full access to your Papertrail account. Billing notifications were sent to the first accountholder.

Common situations

  • Only send usage notifications to a few team members, not everyone.Within Account, visit Members. Enable or disable recipients.
  • Also send billing notifications to an accounting@ alias (which does not have a Papertrail account).Within Account, look for the “Purchases” tab. Add the address. Optionally, set preferences for Papertrail accountholders in Members.
  • I want to change which emails I personally receive.Head over to your Papertrail Profile. This is an easy way to edit only your own options.

Personal email options

Questions? Ideas?

Let us know, and enjoy!