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The days of logging in to servers and manually viewing log files are over. SolarWinds® Papertrail™ aggregates logs from applications, devices, and platforms to a central location.

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SolarWinds® Papertrail™ provides cloud-based log management that seamlessly aggregates logs from applications, servers, network devices, services, platforms, and much more.

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SolarWinds® Papertrail™ provides lightning-fast search, live tail, flexible system groups, team-wide access, and integration with popular communications platforms like PagerDuty and Slack to help you quickly track down customer problems, debug app requests, or troubleshoot slow database queries.

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Blog > Announcing read-only account permissions

Announcing read-only account permissions

Posted by By telliott on August 13, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that Papertrail now supports a read-only account access level. Need to share short-term log visibility with a consultant? Want to spread ops visibility throughout your company, without the risk of someone accidentally changing a setting? This is for you.

Read-only users have permission to tail and search logs, view groups and saved searches, and download archives. They can’t edit, change, or delete account assets (like systems, searches, or log messages). Also, they can’t view or change payment information and are not emailed about plan limits.

Account administrators can set privileges for all other users on the Members page:

Give it a whirl and send us any suggestions.