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Welcoming Leon Sodhi to Papertrail

Posted by Troy Davis on

We’re thrilled to officially welcome Leon Sodhi to Papertrail. Leon started in May, 2013 as Papertrail’s support engineer, so you may already have met him. Leon’s thoughtful disposition, attention to detail, and readiness to dive in and reproduce a problem have saved time for hundreds of customers.

Whether he’s helping identify an rsyslog configuration problem, patching NLog to properly handle multi-line events, discussing the pros and cons of
encrypting logs with TLS, or using tcpdump to make quick work of unusual traffic, Leon is improving someone’s day.

Leon signs in from Ashford, Kent, England. In his spare time, he recently built an electronic die. Hold a button down and a “die” (single dice) is rolled. The LEDs on the right show the result, like this. He’s well on his way to running Linux on an 8-bit microcontroller, not unlike the original Nintendo.

We couldn’t be more thrilled or more fortunate to have Leon helping
Papertrail users every day. If you come by Papertrail’s chat room,
please introduce yourself and say hello.

Troy Davis