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Blog > More consistent service intervals and 16/25 GB pricing

More consistent service intervals and 16/25 GB pricing

Posted by By telliott on April 2, 2014

We’ve made 3 minor changes to make Papertrail’s service easier to
understand and more predictable:

  1. The free plan now measures usage the same way as all other plans,
    which is from one day of a month (such as the 13th) to the same day
    in the following calendar month. Details are below.
  2. Existing plans with 16 GB/month of log data transfer are now less
    expensive. The new prices are more logical when compared to 8 and 25 GB/month plans. All existing customers on the 16 GB/month plans will automatically receive the lower pricing as well as individual emails about the change.
  3. New plans have been created with 25 GB of log data transfer per
    month. They fill an unintentional gap between 16 GB and 50 GB which
    previously required pay-as-you-go additional usage. As with all Papertrail plans, they are available with 1, 3, 7, 14, and 30 days of searchable retention and 1 year of archives.

In all cases, the changes are either less expensive or have essentially
no impact. The old and new prices for Papertrail’s 16 GB/month plan are
below. To change to the 25 GB/month plan or any other, see popular plans or build your own.

Free plan service interval

Until today, usage on Papertrail’s free service was measured in a slightly different way than usage on all other plans. Instead of using a fixed day of the month (such as the day that service began), the free plan used a sliding 30-day window.

This was intended to be more flexible, but it’s not. There’s no situation where a 30-day window is more accommodating than a fixed 1-month period. Also, after one has explained a sliding window 2 or 30 times, the novelty value wears off too.

As of today, all of Papertrail’s monthly plans work the same: usage is
measured for a 1-month period beginning on a specific day of the month. Usually this is the day that you signed up or that the current service began.

This change has almost no impact. The log data transfer in a fixed 30-day measurement period is equally likely to be slightly higher as it is slightly lower (compared to a 30-day sliding window). All measurement information is shown on the Account page.

16 GB/month price change

Searchable retention Old New
1 day $90 $82
3 days $145 $103
7 days $175 $125
14 days $225 $150
30 days $260 $195


Please let us know if we can answer questions or clarify any of this. Here’s to simplicity.