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Blog > Better log colors thanks to Solarized

Better log colors thanks to Solarized

Posted by By telliott on May 15, 2013

Fellow Seattleite Ethan Schoonover created a color scheme called Solarized, and as of today, Papertrail uses its palette when colorizing log messages. Solarized logs look like this:


Solarized is “a sixteen color palette designed for use with terminal and GUI applications.” Solarized is uniquely well suited to Papertrail’s needs because its readability comes mostly from differences in hue (rather than from excessive use of contrast) and because the palette works well on different backgrounds.

As you can see, the result is more readable color text and less eye fatigue. That it’s also better looking is a nice bonus.

This is live now and is automatically used when viewing colorized logs in Papertrail. Enjoy!