Make Your Logs Work for You

The days of logging in to servers and manually viewing log files are over. SolarWinds® Papertrail™ aggregates logs from applications, devices, and platforms to a central location.

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Troubleshoot Fast and Enjoy It

SolarWinds® Papertrail™ provides cloud-based log management that seamlessly aggregates logs from applications, servers, network devices, services, platforms, and much more.

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Aggregate and Search Any Log

SolarWinds® Papertrail™ provides lightning-fast search, live tail, flexible system groups, team-wide access, and integration with popular communications platforms like PagerDuty and Slack to help you quickly track down customer problems, debug app requests, or troubleshoot slow database queries.

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LaaS – Logging as a Service

Hosting an on-site logging solution costs time and resources

Aggregate, store, and manage logs faster

  • Fast setup with minimal effort

    Deploy a resilient, enterprise-wide logging solution typically in a matter of minutes.
  • Effortless scaling

    Log as much as you want to without worrying about capacity or performance.
  • Powerful tools and integrations

    Leverage powerful tools and third-party integrations to make the most of your logs.

Here's How Papertrail Helps

Fast setup with minimal effort

Logging as a service means not having to install and maintain your own collectors, endpoints, and management tools. The Papertrail™ solution provides everything you need to start managing your logs typically in just a few minutes. Simply forward your logs to Papertrail and watch as Papertrail parses, analyzes, and stores each event in real-time. Papertrail works with any logging framework that supports the syslog protocol.

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Effortless scaling

Logging services should never affect the performance of your application or infrastructure. Papertrail automatically scales to meet your needs no matter how many messages you generate. Log from services, applications, and devices without worrying about storage planning. Simply send your logs to Papertrail, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Powerful tools and integrations

Take advantage of built-in tools to better manage your logs. The Papertrail Event Viewer lets you view, tail, and filter all of your logs from a single user-friendly interface. Access and manage your logs programmatically using the CLI client and HTTP API. Integrate with Slack, HipChat, AppOptics, New Relic, and over a dozen other providers for notifications, graphs, and other services.

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Logging as a Service (LaaS) is an all-in-one cloud-based solution for collecting, analyzing, and storing log data.

Aggregate, organize, and manage your logs

  • Collect real-time log data from your applications, servers, cloud services, and more
  • Search log messages to analyze and troubleshoot incidents, identify trends, and set alerts
  • Create comprehensive per-user access control policies, automated backups, and archives of up to a year of historical data

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