Aggregate all your logs, your own way.

1 Volume

  • 50 MB /month


  • 1 GB /month

    from $5

  • 2 GB /month

    from $12

  • 4 GB /month

    from $22

  • 8 GB /month

    from $42

  • 16 GB /month

    from $82

  • 25 GB /month

    from $138

  • 50 GB /month

    from $185

  • 100 GB /month

    from $325

  • 250 GB /month

    from $485

  • 500 GB /month

    from $875

  • 1000 GB /month

    from $1460

  • 1500 GB /month

    from $1945

2 Duration

How do archives work?

Logs can be downloaded and analyzed from Papertrail for 1 year for all paid plans and 1 week for Papertrail's free plan. In addition, we'll upload a copy to your Amazon S3 bucket where you can keep them forever (or examine years of logs in a data warehouse like Hadoop/Hive or Redshift).

How does additional usage work?

Should you reach 100% of the included log data transfer, Papertrail notifies you and continues processing logs. There's no charge if you don't need it and a minimal charge if you do (and it's completely optional). Learn more.

How does log filtering work?

In addition to Papertrail's log search, Papertrail can filter any useless log messages - noise - before you see them. No need to modify app or server logging configurations to silence noise. Also, filtered messages don't consume log data transfer; they're completely free. Learn more.

Everyone gets 1 year archive, optional pay-as-you-go additional usage, and unlimited noise filtering. Just choose the searchable duration that's right for you.

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1 day

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Don’t see a perfect fit? Please let us know.

  • Intuitive Web-based log viewer
  • Team-wide groups & searches
  • Unlimited systems & users
  • Powerful command-line tools
  • Automated export for reporting
  • Encrypted logging
  • Long-term archive (S3)
  • Search alerts
  • What happens when the limit is reached?
    • It’s up to you. Logs can stop or can continue as a usage-based service (up to 200% extra, at 30% higher price per GB). You’re always notified and can switch at any time.
  • How is log transfer (GB) calculated?
    • The length of the message, plus 50 bytes for metadata. 1 GB is 6.6 million 100-character messages. Transfer is measured monthly, so day-to-day variations are fine.
  • Can I log from my less-common network or app?
    • If it has Internet access, the chances are very good. Yes to NAT, dynamic IPs, text log files, VMs, EC2, PaaS, and local collectors. Ask us or try it.
  • How can I reach you?
    • Email us. When we’re awake, we’re available.
  • How did you choose these durations?
    • We used them. 3-7 days satisfied something like 97% of our own searches. Early users made the same observation. Archives worked well for the rest.
  • Can I search, analyze, and download archives?
    • Yes. Archives are downloadable text files and are copied to Amazon S3. Our docs make it simple to analyze and search them: RedshiftAthenaHadoop on EMR.